Welcome to the third session of Freedom Yoga Club!

And on 22nd June it’s as close as damnit to the summer solstice! 

As a yogi this is a time to bow down to the fiery solar energy that not only fires up your vinyasa flow but also gives us all light, heat and life! Summer Solstice also just happens to be international yoga day - how about that for a great time to be cranking up your practice?

The more you practice yoga, the more you start to peel back layers to reveal space and potential within you. As you start to feel greater freedom in your whole self, body and mind, you might start to get hungry for more intricate poses, more challenging flows and that, oh keen yoga junkie, is where Freedom Yoga Club comes in!

This 90 minute class is about pushing some boundaries, challenging yourself, maybe getting a bit sweaty, definitely having some fun and along the way you might just unearth something new - some extra strength hidden away, some more flexibility that you didn't know you had, or perhaps some focused stillness that you can finally float into. What an exciting prospect huh?

Places are limited

To book your mat space email me 



Freedom Retreat

May 3rd to 5th 2019

I am thrilled to announce that once again I will be hosting a weekend yoga retreat at Brooklands Barn in May 2019

This 3 day 2 night retreat is set in the heart of Arundel, West Sussex in a striking 19th Century barn. A perfect oasis of calm and tranquillity, Brooklands lends itself beautifully to a long weekend of self care, connection and renewal. This impressive barn boasts stunning grounds with views of Arundel castle, a purpose built yoga studio, indoor heated swimming pool and barrel sauna.

Your weekend will be packed with dynamic vinyasa, slow flow, meditation, relaxation and the most incredible and plentiful vegetarian food. It offers you a  chance to press pause for a little while, listen to your needs, deepen your practice, recharge your batteries, nourish and indulge yourself. 

Now I am not doing this alone! The wonderfully knowledgeable and frankly fabulous Julie Bealey has agreed to come and teach with me too.

Can you afford to miss this?

Prices start at £350 per person based on two people sharing

For more information or to book please email me

Retreat Cancellation Policy


A luxurious day retreat at Pipers Corner School
Imagine being whisked away for a whole day to unwind after the new years madness. To unplug and spend some quality time immersing yourself in the practices that nourish you. 
Julie Bealey, Beth Lee and I have joined forces to bring you such gloriousness!
This day will include three very different fluid, dynamic and soulful vinyasa classes to enliven your mind and free your body. A meditation practice is planned to encourage a greater sense of deep stillness and we are really looking forward to exploring pranyama, as well as long sweet savasanas. Of course we will be replenishing you in the middle of the day with an indulgent two course vegetarian lunch to inspire your winter meal planning and fresh juice will also be on the menu.
Please get in touch if you are interested in joining us - three firm friends with a passion for yoga, aiming to bring happiness, health and a little bit of magical freedom to you all.
All levels welcome
£75 per  person
Sunday January 13th
9:30am to 4:30pm
Pipers Corner School                                                                                          Great Kingshill                                                                                                      HP15 6LP
Take 3 diverse vinyasa yoga tecahers (3)